The sun was out and the day started with a glassy ocean but the wind picked causing a change in the current and waves.

Pro Men: 2nd place Gordon Levine; 3rd place Sam McCoy; 5th place Lucas McCoy
Pro Women: 2nd place Ellen Wood
Semi Pro: Matt Buchanan won 1st place and says he is going pro
Men’s Division: Matt Buchanan 2nd place
Jr Women: 1st place Sydney Pizza

Also – the trophies were incredible. They were each handmade by Melissa Stevenson from debris and trash she picked up on the beach and repurposed into these beautiful works of art.

Day 2 Gordy

Day 2 Gordy pic2

McCoy Brothers

Day 2 Sam M pic2

Day 2 Ellen

Day 2 Lucas

Day 2 Sam M pic 3

Day 2 Sam M

Day 2 Gordy pic 4

Day 2 Gordy pic 3

Day 2 Sydney

Day 2 Lucas pic2

Day 2 Trophoes






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